<![CDATA[ Linda Smith Miller.com    <br />" Only when we are not afraid do we begin to live." ~ ~ ~ Dorothy Thompson - So for today, remember. . .]]>Thu, 19 Oct 2017 22:35:28 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Thank You ! ! !]]>Thu, 19 Oct 2017 15:44:23 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/thank-youIt is important to remember to look for life lessons in all that happens to us.  Even in difficult times or with difficult people there is something that can be learned if we are willing.  I say that not in a frivolous manner but from my own experiences with difficult times!

So for today remember . . . You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.  ~ ~ ~ Maya Angelou
<![CDATA[Every day is a gift!]]>Tue, 03 Oct 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/every-day-is-a-gift
So for today remember . . . "Life is difficult" ~ ~ ~ Scott Peck "The Road Less Traveled"
<![CDATA[I Choose Growth . . .]]>Sat, 15 Jul 2017 16:26:07 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/i-choose-growthGrow ~ (v)
     1 to spring up and mature; to be developed; to be developed or produced naturally.
      2  to thrive; flourish
      3  to increase in any way; to become larger,  
      4  to come to be by degrees; become
What a simple, yet complex word!!!​
So for today remember . . .
Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional. ~ ~ ~ John C. Maxwell

<![CDATA[I Vote for Growth!]]>Thu, 29 Jun 2017 13:38:06 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/i-vote-for-growth
So for today remember . . . Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.~ ~ ~John F. Kennedy

<![CDATA[Overcomer!!!]]>Mon, 29 May 2017 14:06:30 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/overcomerI heard this song for the first time 5/28/17, just when I needed it =)  Thank you Susie Larson for sharing completion of one of your bucket list items!
So for today remember. . . "you never know when you are going to receive a "lil gift, keep your eyes open."
<![CDATA[what is a good life?]]>Wed, 10 May 2017 23:14:53 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/what-is-a-good-life
So for today remember . . . "Make your life what you want it to be!  No one said it would be easy, but the choice is yours!"
<![CDATA[Good Point!]]>Sat, 24 Sep 2016 13:06:38 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/good-pointLessons from a Pencil . . .
Pain always sharpens you.  Everything you do leaves a mark.  What's inside you is useful, not what's outside.
~ ~ ~ author unknown

So for today remember . . . we each have something inside to give away that could help someone who is being "sharpened!"
<![CDATA[Time to get moving on my website again...forward is forward no matter the speed!]]>Sat, 17 Sep 2016 12:13:56 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/time-to-get-moving-on-my-website-againforward-is-forward-no-matter-the-speed
so for today, remember . . . if you need a reason to be grateful . . . check your pulse. ~ ~ ~ unknown
<![CDATA[Time for the iHanna Postcard Swap!]]>Sun, 24 Apr 2016 13:51:05 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/time-for-the-ihanna-postcard-swapiHanna is an artist/blogger from Sweden and twice a year she does a postcard exchange.  I first participated in Fall of 2013 and it was an awesome experience!  As with many of us, life slapped me upside the head and I have not been able to participate for some time.  Needing a bit of a spur to my creative spirit, when I saw her Spring Exchange pop up in my email, the commitment was made.  I am having so much fun with this project, and all 10 of my cards are complete, this year with a geometric theme.  As with 2013, I will share my cards as well as the cards I receive.  It is such a treat to come home and find such lovely treats, from all over the world, in my mailbox!
So for today remember . . . "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." 
                                                  Proverbs 16:3
<![CDATA[Stop Digging!!!]]>Sun, 24 Apr 2016 13:05:41 GMThttp://lindasmithmiller.com/so-for-today-remember/stop-diggingCame across some quotes by Will Rogers recently and was reminded of the many jewels of wisdom he shared with all who would listen.